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Peter Muller-Munk

Born in Berlin, Germany in 1904, Peter Muller-Munk is best known for his 1935 design of a chrome-plated brass pitcher called the "Normandie" for its resemblance to the silhouette of the French ocean liner's prow.

Muller-Munk moved to New York in 1926 after studying design with Bruno Paul and silversmithing with Waldenar Ramischin in Berlin. After designing for a year for Tiffany, he set up his own workshop.

Muller-Munk's products were shown at all of the important design exhibitions of the 1920s and 1930s. By the mid-1930s, he incorporated new materials in his wide repertoire of products, which included the Waring Blender and products for Westinghouse, Texaco, and U.S. Steel.

Peter Muller Munk died in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1967. Peter Muller-Munk Associates remains located there.